Looks like our best time…

Looks like our best time for meetings is Monday at 21:00 UTC (07:00 Tuesday AEST, 17:00 Monday EST, 14:00 Monday PST), so let’s start off with that and refine it as needed. I hope to see you all in #wordpress-core-plugins then!

Topic for the first week is scoping out the project and creating a timeline. If you have time, try out the API and get an idea of what’s already there before the meeting so we’re all on the same page. If you can’t make it to this meeting, don’t worry, as I’ll post a summary and the scope here afterwards.

If you have any topics to suggest, or any part of the scope that you can think of already, comment here and I’ll make sure we get to it in the meeting. Please feel free to post here at any time, everyone has author privileges for a reason. @markoheijnen has also mentioned that he’s looking into creating a WordCamp-related app based on the API, which is pretty awesome.