The first meeting was held…

The first meeting was held this morning; thanks to those of you who made it. (I realise that the previous post actually linked to the time for next week, so apologies to those who didn’t realise it was today.) For those who missed it, please check out the logs.

We discussed the timeline for core integration and noted that while the 3.8 integration phase is pretty close, 3.9 will be Q1 2014 and is a better (albeit less solid) target to aim for. We decided that the following items should be in-scope for the first version:

  • Taxonomies
  • Users (although maybe only basic handling will be required here)
  • Options
  • Meta
  • Multisite

With regards to the options and meta APIs, we’ll need to decide on a whitelist/blacklist approach there. (Nacin helpfully mentioned the register_meta() and is_protected_meta() functions designed for this purpose.) We also need to think about how we handle serialized data there. It was mentioned that the dotcom/Jetpack API uses a custom filter here instead, but I think we should rely on the built-in ones with an additional filter on top.

The topic of authentication also came up. While OAuth 2 is out (it requires HTTPS), OAuth 1 is a frontrunner for core integration here. I’m hesitant to give a definite answer on whether this would be included in core or in a plugin (due to the complexity), but this is something we’ll need to discuss in the future more. (I also have a plugin that does OAuth 1, which could give us a nice start there in either case.)

Next meeting (Monday 24th at 21:00 UTC), we’ll start to hash out meta/option handling and get back to the authentication issue. (Also note that next week we’ll have the meeting in #wordpress-dev instead.) In the mean time, watch out for a post on how to get started contributing since we can start writing code now.

Any comments/thoughts on the meeting items (scope specifically)?