So, after a bit of…

So, after a bit of an extended hiatus, I’m back! 🙂 Thanks to @mordauk and @japh, we still got some work done on the project with a couple of pull requests being merged.

Let’s start planning the upcoming weeks. I’d like to push out one release per week, starting this Wednesday (with a break over the Christmas week), which gives us:

  • 0.7: November 27th
  • 0.8: December 4th
  • 0.9: December 11th
  • 1.0: December 18th
  • 1.1: January 1st

I’d like to have the core of the project complete by 1.0, then work on adding features (e.g. new endpoints) past that. 1.0 should be basically a ready-for-core version, and any core changes after that must have backwards compatibility. This should ensure that we can keep developing while also starting the process of merging into core. This should coincide nicely with 3.9-early.

To plan out what we need to tackle now, let’s schedule a meeting for Monday 25th at 21:00 UTC (Tuesday 26th at 7:00 AEST, Monday 25th at 16:00 EST, Monday 25th at 13:00 PST). (If you can’t make it, don’t worry, minutes and discussion will be posted here.)