Now, some meta notes: I’d…

Now, some meta notes: I’d like to welcome @rachelbaker and Aaron D. Campbell to the team!

I’d also like to announce that the team membership process is changing to an invitation process, based on contributions to the project. To coincide with this, it’s time to move to the next phase of this o2: open posting. As I noted in my original thoughts post, the discussion here was closed temporarily while we got familiar with the system. I think we’re all fairly well acquainted with the system now, so it’s time to open this up.

Comments are now open, but unfortunately, we can’t currently open posting up to everyone as from what I’ve been told, as doesn’t support automatically granting everyone contributor status. I’m working out what to do here, but suggestions are welcome if you have ideas. (The aim with this is to act similar to a mailing list, rather than an announcement blog.)