WP-API chat notes – January 21st

  • Comments pull request is looking pretty good.
  • Daniel’s point about renaming fields seems valid, although we should do it all at once.
  • Once we have everything working to some degree, we can have the masses file their bug reports
  • Rachel’s concern is that pull requests can get caught up in the minutia; solution: file an issue and come back to it. Issues are cheap.
  • Q: What about other idiosyncrasies, like JSmith’s concern that you can’t create a new post with post_author=0?
  • Joe suggests we have a label for v1 vs v2 to better distinguish pull requests.
  • Joe wants to discuss the capabilities pull request. Two contexts: options request to see if they can do something (don’t have necessary context), or a request with the specific context (e.g. specific author or post).
  • Daniel apologized for being an asshole. He got frustrated, and didn’t communicate his frustration appropriately. It’s important to remember that we’re all volunteering our team, and should treat each other with the most respect possible.
  • Joe suggested we do one video chat a week, and one text chat a week. Everyone thinks this is a good idea.
  • Ryan is having internet difficulties at home. He will be having trouble making the meeting on time for another couple weeks.
  • We reviewed the core merging plan. Capabilities PR is the last item for the server aspect.
  • Issue #717 is ripe for taking. Ryan offered to itemize what he was thinking.
  • Ryan asks whether we can move schema down and out of the server, so we can have core developers start looking at the server components.
  • Daniel thinks that’s fine — a good sign that the server is relatively stable is that we haven’t been making many changes.
  • Ryan’s been looking at different implementations of batch requests. Both Facebook and WordPress.com use JSON pointers, but both are hairy. Still TBD what this could be.
  • Joe: Presumably you need to worry about the dependency graph too.
  • Daniel: What about Github? What if you want to create an issue with labels?
  • Ryan: Think label is just a string, and they run a search against it. Assigning labels is just an array of strings
  • WordPress.com supports tags but doesn’t scale up to custom taxonomies, etc.
  • We have the opportunity to do it right, but it will be a lot of work. Let’s punt until Step 3.

Between now and Monday we want to:

  • Ryan: Triage and catch up with what’s going on
  • Daniel: Taking the file breakout, #717
  • Joe: Might take a swing at mapping out the options API.
  • Rachel: Getting pretty tired of rewriting endpoints. Going to take a bit of a break

Next week: Monday video chat. Wednesday text chat.