Hi everybody! In case you…

Hi everybody!

In case you missed it, version 0.9 was finally released. Sorry for taking so long on that one, and thanks to everyone who helped with this release (nine contributors!).

OAuth as a Plugin
I’m splitting the OAuth support into a separate plugin. We need to get ready for merge into core, and we can’t be blocked on OAuth support. The current plan is to ship WP API in 4.0, and OAuth in 4.0 if it’s ready or a future release if not. Nonce-based authentication needs to ship in 4.0, so that we can start creating API-powered plugins and themes.

I’m working on extracting this out into something usable at the moment, I’ll update when this is available. I’d also like to approach the possibility of adding permission scopes since it’s now separate, so I’m working on preliminary support for this too.

Meeting Time Change
Seeing as the meeting time is going to change for anyone who’s recently switched from/to DST, I’d like to move the meeting time to a time that works better for me. I’d like to propose Tuesday, 0:00 UTC (01:00 BST, 10:00 AEST, Monday 20:00 EDT, Monday 17:00 PDT). This time is likely a little worse for some of you, but I’ll be able to consistently be available at this time. In future, we’ll start with a meeting and continue with office hours for the remainder of the time, during which I’ll be working exclusively on the API.

On that note, our next meeting will be this Tuesday. I’d like to discuss the OAuth plans, 1.0 and @iandunn‘s CPT privacy issues. Feel free to propose any other items of importance; otherwise, see you all there! 🙂