Hi everyone! Apologies for the…

Hi everyone! Apologies for the long hiatus. Let’s get back into it!

Good news: I have a plan for authentication, and it’s time to start implementing it! Here’s the plan:

  • OAuth 1.0a: All remote consumers will need to use OAuth 1.0a to access the API.
  • OAuth Dynamic Registration: New consumers will be able to register via the dynamic registration protocol. The OAUTHWG is in the process of working on this and seems to be making good progress, so it should be ready for a V2 of the API.
  • Cookie authentication: For local (JS-based) clients, they’ll be able to leverage the existing cookie authentication in conjunction with a CSRF token.

Hopefully, this plan covers all the cases. In an ideal world, we’d be using OAuth 2.0 instead, but alas we can’t. I’m not sure exactly how much of the OAuth dynamic registration protocol we’ll have to adapt to OAuth 1.0, but in any case we’re better off adapting the protocol they’re working on, rather than reinventing from scratch.

The other big ticket item we need to handle is unit testing. @ibaku has made a great start on this, but we need tests to cover the rest of the API. I’d like to end up with >90% coverage eventually, but that’s a long-term plan. For anyone who wants to start contributing patches, this is a great place to start, since you can work in a modular way and learn the API as you go.

I’d like to set the timeline for our next release for next Friday. I think we should be able to get a pull request up for every issue in that time. I’ll start merging the existing pull requests from tomorrow. I could use help triaging the non-triaged issues if anyone has time!

Let’s also start getting into meetings again. Let’s go for next week, Monday 17th at 21:00 UTC (Tuesday 18th at 07:00 AEST, Monday 17th at 16:00 EST, Monday 17th at 13:00 PST). We can discuss the plans for 0.9 and progress towards it.

Boom. Let’s rock it.