In case you missed it,…

In case you missed it, version 0.8 is out, albeit a little late. I also didn’t get around to posting the meeting notes from last week, so here’s a quick roundup:

One Consumer Per User vs Independent Consumers / Consumer Registration
We’re going to go with independent consumers, because we kind of have to. The conversation turned to how we register new consumers, and a number of interesting ideas were floated: creating a central repository on where consumers like mobile apps can register, for example. We’re going to circle back around to both this and scoped tokens after we get the initial OAuth stuff settled.

In order to load the correct plugins, we’re probably going to have to go with per-domain API endpoints (e.g. nacin pointed out that we could hack around to avoid this in ms-settings.php, but it’s a bad idea. Whatever we use here is going to be a compromise, and this seems like the best one. Also worth mentioning that we have a multisite-specific plugin that needs some serious love.

This Week
I’d like to push out two releases this week so that we hit 1.0 before Christmas. The plan currently is 0.9 on Tuesday (post-meeting) and 1.0 on Saturday. We’ve got a few issues that still need pull requests before 0.9. Importantly, I really want to get tests happening this week, either in 0.9 or 1.0, as we really need them. We’ve already been bitten by a compatibility issue.

We also need to land authentication this week. The initial version that I’m working on has no UI at all, but follows the independent consumer model as discussed. The UI we can work on later, after we ensure that the authentication works properly.