Meeting notes from today, for…

Meeting notes from today, for those who missed it (see also the IRC logs):

Response Objects (#33)
Response objects are on their way. Discussed how we handle WP_Error and whether we should implement a WP_JSON_Error. I’m in favour of the former, since it’s an existing paradigm in WP core, but WP_JSON_Error being a Response object would be nice. We’re going to loop back to this after the response object is merged.

User Endpoints (#20)
We’re going with read-only access for now, since the code is basically already written (for post authors). Write access will be established later, but this is a pretty low priority for now unless anyone wants to tackle it specifically.

Endpoints vs Routes vs ?
@mikeschinkel pointed out that the terminology here is a little confusing, since the permalink system has a concept of endpoints too. As it relates to the API though:

endpoint = code which supplies a response, route = map from HTTP to endpoint

We’ll probably want to revisit this for core merge and clarify it, but this matches the wider API community terminology.

Unit Testing (#6)
Strong consensus here that we need help setting up the infrastructure for unit testing. @ibaku might be able to help us out with this, otherwise I’m sending out the Batsignal to scribu and wonderboymusic to see if they can give us some pointers (as they both have familiarity with testing).

Theme Developers and Outreach
@rachelbaker pointed out that I didn’t really say how theme developers can help out, so I clarified:

Right, so WP API has a built-in JS API. I’d love for theme devs to take a look at that and see what it’s like using it in the wild
I know Tareq Hasan has written a proof-of-concept one:
I want to make sure wp-api.js is useful, and flesh it out with more methods as needed

@mzaweb noted we should see if the o2 team has any thoughts on this side of things, so hopefully @justin can help us with talking to them? Also noted that we should talk to the mobile team and get feedback from them, as well as the security team (in particular, mdawaffe) for feedback about authentication.

In short, lots of things to think about. This week’s release is all about OAuth (#32) and I’ll be pushing code up today for that, so we can start testing it. The OAuth stuff will be far from final, so feedback appreciated there too. Basic auth isn’t going anywhere just yet (#37 is scheduled for 1.0), so you can keep testing with that for now.