I also have a collection…

I also have a collection of random thoughts about items we might need to look at.

  • Mobile team meetings: The next mobile team meeting is on Monday 24th at 16:00 UTC; can anyone make it there? I’d love to hear feedback from them and ensure they’re involved as much as possible, as they’ll be one of the big consumers of the API.
  • Beginning core integration: The API has a bunch of functions that are basically transforming internal data into external, serialisable data, and vice versa. These aren’t particularly specific to the API (and in fact, I’m sure wp-cli would love these), so they’re prime candidates for initial integration into core. Likewise for various helper functions (datetime handling is a big one there).
  • Front-end Editor: One of the other Features as Plugins is a Front-end Editor. This is still in the “investigating” phase right now, but I’ve suggested that it’d be a great candidate for using the API. I don’t want to hold up other teams pending our work, but seems like it could be a good place to work together.
  • Twenty Fifteen? Aiming for integration in Q1 2014, we might want to start thinking long term about pushing theme developers towards using the API for more interactive themes. A core theme based on the API would be great for this.